My essay on Grangerizing is up over at the Archbook online encyclopedia on the architectures of the book! Check it out here. There was more florid anti-Grangerizing invective than I could fit into the essay, so also check out my previous Grangerizing post for more!

Folger Shakespeare Library photo of Grangerized Shakespearean text. Shakespeare's works were popular foundations for grangerizing to commemorate performances, but another frequent type of augmentation—the addition of description and portraits for historically based characters—can be seen in this example from a 1888 copy of The Works of William Shakespeare augmented by Augustin Daly in 1893. Image courtesy of Folger Shakespeare Library.

Archbook is "is an open-access, peer-reviewed collection of richly illustrated essays about specific design features in the history of the book". Other entries include manicules (yay!), volvelles, and flaps, and they're looking for more entries on a variety of book-materiality topics.