Lots of DH stuff cooking lately:

My Infinite Ulysses project was mentioned and linked in the The New York Times! The piece, by J.D. Biersdorfer, appeared online July 13, 2016 as “Can’t Get Through ‘Ulysses’? Digital Help Is on the Way” and in print on Sunday, July 17, 2016 in the “Sunday Book Review” section of the paper under the headline “Virtual Odyssey”.

I joined The Programming Historian editorial team as an editor and also ombudsperson. The Programming Historian is an online, peer-reviewed, novice-friendly platform for humanities scholars wishing to learn digital methods and tools. (You might remember I published a lesson, “Building a static website with Jekyll and GitHub Pages”, with PH earlier this year.)

I’ll be presenting to the Digital Library Federation (DLF) eResearch Network as their DH speaker in a six-talk series on digital library research and data management practice, on July 20th. I’ll cover what digital humanities is, why it can be good for you and your institution, and how to get started in DH. The slides and talk video should go online shortly after.

The DH 2016 conference just finished up (check out the #DHdiversity tweets especially), so incoming new ACH executive officers Scott Weingart, Micki Kaufman, and I have begun our 2016-2020 terms, along with Jen Guiliano as the new ACH president 2016-2018 and Matt Gold as the new vice-president 2016-2018 and 2018-2020.

Screenshot of digital Ulysses article on New York Times online front page

Screenshot of digital Ulysses article in New York Times mentioning and linking to Infinite Ulysses