Amanda Visconti is a research web developer and digital humanities professor. I design, prototype, & study digital interface UX for social reading & learning, grounding my work on a strong research background (recent PhD, MS) in HCI, info science, & digital humanities and interests in annotation & user research.

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Digital Humanities Annotates (#DHannotates) Tech tutorials and documentation are a particularly exciting place for inline annotation, since users can indicate exactly where they got stuck or need additional information. Using the #DHannotates hashtag, we're encouraging digital humanists to annotate tutorials, documentation, and other DHy... more

Educase Podcast Interview on Digital Humanities Dissertations Educause recently interviewed me about my Infinite Ulysses research and digital humanities dissertations–you can listen in via this 7-minute podcast: Or listen directly on Soundcloud. For more detail and nuance, check out my recent blog post on my talk "Digital... more

Digital Dissertations in an Increasingly Welcoming Landscape This audio+slides presentation describes my recent, uniquely non-monograph digital humanities dissertation, which consisted of design, code, blogging, user-testing, and a whitepaper written during just the final month before the defense, *without* accompanying written chapters of proto-monograph. See below the video... more

The Filter Problem at the CODEX Literary Hackathon I'm at the MIT Media Lab's CODEX Literary Hackathon this weekend—an event focused on prototyping tools for the future of digital reading, books, libraries, and publishing. Below is my description of the annotation "filter problem", the research challenge that I'm... more

The future of a thing is a return to its values I keep pulling the same tool out of my bag this year: does the thing we've built match the values behind why we built it? Must a dissertation have written chapters? (No.) Or is the value of a dissertation that... more